Arduino: Life is Convenient with IoT

Arduino is popular to electronic hobbyists, like me, who are challenged by the practical applications of microcontroller systems programmed using the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Armed with the combined knowledge and skill in computer programming, and acquired engineering experience is enough to produce a working internet of things (IoT) product. This in particular will be installed on a friend’s house to automatically switch on … Continue reading Arduino: Life is Convenient with IoT


For every computer user, this picture is very familiar. It appears in the middle of an urgent task without any warning. When it happens, if you are not the tecky guy, you have to call an IT person because the computer stops responding and becomes useless. If you are not lucky, you could loose all your important files in the computer because the harddisk crashed.  But … Continue reading BSOD


Blogging about life is fun. It is also rewarding because you get to interact with people from all walks of LIFE. Why life? Why not? Today is the start of my 15-day managerial and supervisory training course on 5P. I needed the training to increase my ability to effectively manage both work and people while performing my duties and responsibilities as a civil servant. During the … Continue reading LIFE.